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Airview, La Manga del Mar Menor

La Manga del Mar Menor is a wonderful Mediterranean spot (in spite of the building speculation, which has rather spoiled the place) to take some vacations or to retire here, if you reached the age (or the feeling) to do it.

La Manga is located 30 Km. North Cartagena (Mediterranean Sea coast, Southeast Spain) in the Autonomous Community of Murcia (Autonomous Community = some politically and administratively organized land space in Spain, similar to a Federal State in USA or a Lander in Germany).

One of La Manga's official slogan is La Manga is a paradise between two Seas (Mediterranean and Mar Menor, a very salty water lake, West of the narrow stripe of land that goes along the "two seas" for about 20 or 30 Km.).

However, when the wind blows here (which is good for the windsurfers, they love winds) it is a very windy paradise.

Another slogan is "If you like the Sea, we have Two". However, one of them is just a nice, healthy and very salty lake which can help you to be in a better form. See the left side bar to check the link "Health in Mar Menor" which shows the different places where you can have treatments with Mar Menor muds and thalassotherapy. You can enjoy, also, all type of marine Spa treatments and massages.

If you like crowds, activity and noise the months to come here are July and August. If you like much less crowds and activity, the months are June and September. And if you really like calmness, quietness and relaxation our advice is that you come here avoiding the months of July and August.

La Manga has many things difficult to find in Continental Europe:Sunset in La Manga the clean air, the healthy Mar Menor water (very salty as we said, therefore good for rheumatic diseases and skin problems), the fall and winter weather (from early March to middle November the good weather is almost guaranteed and, even during those "could" months, you will find many days with good and sunny weather) and the beautiful sunsets in Mar Menor.

It is true, however, that if you get some days of bad weather (and there are some), you could feel coulder than if living in the North Pole, particularly if your Hotel or (which happens more often) your rented Apartment is not appropriately prepared.

Therefore, if you come to La Manga del Mar Menor during the winter season it would be advisable that you knew the orientation of the apartment you wish to rent, as it is important that the house receives a good amount of sun along the day. Check also that the apartment has the sufficient radiators (normally electrical) to heat it properly.

A short description of this place is as follows:

The four or six initial Kilometres of Gran Via de la MangaMonte Blanco (the main Avenue that runs 18,5 Km. along La Manga urbanizations) go through "Wide" La Manga (the distance between Mar Menor lake and Mediterranean Sea is about 1 - 1,5 Km.). Here you find the elder buildings and developments (though you have many of them very well preserved and you have, also, new modern developments). In this area the building density is high.

Menor acumulación de Edificios

Then you have the "Narrow" La Manga (where the distance between the Mar Menor lake and the Mediterranean Sea is shorter, generally speaking). In this area the building density is more acceptable, although you have, also, some good examples of gigantic buildings.

La Manga end, Veneziola, Nature Reserve, S. Pedro Saltworks

Finally, when La Manga inhabit ends in Veneziola area (after the 18,5 Km. of Gran Via de la Manga Avenue and all the buildings), the "Wild" La Manga starts. It is the Nature Reserve San Pedro del Pinatar Saltworks and Sand Spots Regional Park (about 1.750 acres of wild land, North of urbanized La Manga).

Airview Calblanque (You can visit, also, Calblanque -about 6.200 acres of wild land, volcanic clifts over isolated sand beaches- the other Nature Reserve South La Manga. You can reach it from the motorway La Manga-El Algar, exit close to Los Belones:
Calblanque Park, how to visit it)

Surrounded by Calblanque you have a wonderful top quality resort and one of the best Hotels in Spain, La Manga Club. There you can practice your favorite sport (tennis, swimming, horse riding, golf (three spectacular courses) or you can, simply, enjoy some great vacations. See information in the left bar links.

An initial important advice is that you should visit La Manga driving your own car or (if you come here flying) renting a car. You can, also, rent a bike, a scooter or a bicycle in local La Manga rental places.

There is a public bus service in La Manga and Cabo de Palos but, specially Winter time, it is not good at all.

Other advice is that you visit the Mercadillo de Cabo de Palos when you are in La Manga on Sunday morning (every Sunday morning along the year). mercadillo It is a sort of flye market and takes place in an open space located in Cabo de Palos, next to the old road Cabo de Palos-La Manga-Cartagena (See Cabo de Palos Map, please). It has thousands of visitors, so you can find it very easily just following the crowds. In the Mercadillo you have fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers from the famous Murcia and Cartagena plantations and, also, wearing apparel, shoeware, gifts, etc. Prices are much better than the ones you find in the regular shops or supermarkets.

Other "Mercadillos" take place along the week in surrounding villages:

Monday: San Pedro del Pinatar - Tuesday: La Unión, Los Alcázares and Los Belones - Wednesday: Santiago de la Ribera - Thursday: San Javier - Friday: El Algar - Saturday: Los Narejos and Torrepacheco.
(see villages location in La Manga map 0)

La Manga Wind
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Airview La Manga del Mar Menor This Web Site provides extensive general information about La Manga del Mar Menor including updated information about lodging (Hotels, Apartments for rent, Camping) and all type of services (Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, Sailing Schools -and other places to practice your favorite sport- Real Estate Offices, etc.) with the exact location of each place in many detailed maps. We intend, as well, to give advice to anybody interested in knowing about La Manga del Mar Menor (specially to Seniors) on how to enjoy their stay when visiting this wonderful place.

You can start your visit clicking on any left bar link of your interest.

Following those links you have a link to the list of all La Manga & La Manga Club Hotels and Aparthotels. You can make your on line bookings through Booking Com (one of the best, if not the best, European sites to book your accomodation on line) for most of La Manga Hotels, ApartHotels or Apartments. The list include the few Hotels which are not included in Booking.Com list. You have, also, links to book an apartment with any of the Offices that rent apartments,

You have, as well, the list of many of the good Restaurants and Bars of the area with their phone numbers, so that you can make your table reservations in advance .

And if you like to buy a house or apartment here you have pages showing all the new buildings -or recently built- in La Manga and Cabo de Palos, so that you can check the location, description and prices of the new houses and apartments directly with the promoters. You have, also, the list and information of the Real Estate offices that sell second hand apartments and houses, so as to contact them directly.

You can check the location of each descibed item in more than fourty detailed La Manga maps, each one covering one or two Kilometers, and more separate maps covering the Nature Reserves and the beautiful resort of La Manga Club. Therefore, it is very easy to locate any Hotel, most of the offices that rent apartments or any of La Manga urbanizations and buildings or, in fact,almost any place.

You can print, as well, any of the maps separately.

You have, also, the alphabetic list of all La Manga buildings and urbanizations, each one with a link to its corresponding map location.

Or you can start (particularly if you plan to come here soon) clicking on AccuWeather link to see the weather in La Manga-Cabo de Palos now and to check the best area weather forecast for the next two weeks. You will see that we have good weather here most of the time.

For all these links and more, check the bar at the left side of this page. Enjoy your virtual visit and try to make it real as soon as possible, please.
La Manga Wind

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