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You are in:
"La Marcha" in La Manga
Drinks, Music (1)
in Cabo de Palos

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"La Marcha" in La Manga
Drinks, Music (2)
in La Manga
You can see:
Dining in La Manga
and Cabo de Palos

Night Life ("La Marcha" 1) in
Cabo de Palos
Drinks, Music

La Manga and Cabo de Palos Night Life ("La Marcha" means an active and amusing Night Life in Spanish) is tremendously full of activity and noise (specially from Friday to Sunday and from June to September)

There are a lot of places to go and drink, listening to music and dancing, open from 11 pm to 4, 5 or 6 am. Then you can have breakfast in other places.

There are several main areas where many of these music pubs are concentrated. We will start in Cabo de Palos:

Cabo de Palos - Downtown

Most of the places here are located within the triangle made by three adjacent streets: Calle Salero, Calle Marín and Plaza de Los Arcos. You get there following the road that drives from the Port of Cabo de Palos to the Light House, just before reaching El Mosqui Restaurant.
(see location Cabo de Palos, Downtown, LaMangaWind map)

In Calle Salero (Salero Street) we find:

- El Miqui

- Aloha

- El Barco

In the corner of Calle Salero and Plaza de Los Arcos we find:

- El Chinchorro

In Calle Marin (Marin Street) we find:

- Banana Rana

In Plaza de los Arcos (Los Arcos Square) we can have some few drinks at:

- El Raso

- La Balsa

Cabo de Palos - Las Dunas

Many of the Disco-Bars in this area are in El Mercadillo building, old road La Manga-Cabo de Palos-Cartagena, when you find a cross road with traffic lights that follows down to the port of Cabo de Palos.
(see location Cabo de Palos, Overall, LaMangaWind map)

There is a lot of activity on sumer, but along winter everything stops.

And taking the road that drives down to Cabo de Palos Port we find:

- Bondi Beach (Australian Bar)

Also, at La Baliza shopping center, in front of Mercadona supermarket, we find "la movida" in

Mamma Luna

Cabo de Palos - Trip's old complex

Taking the road to Cala Reona you find, fifty meters further to the right, the side service road paralel to the motorway La Manga - El Algar (be careful, two ways road the first kilometer) Trip's Complex is about 100 m from the entrance (see location, LaMangaWind map 0A)

There is a lot of activity on sumer, but along winter everything stops.

Here you find the following places:


Chanel 24


Passion's Time


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Night Life ("La Marcha" 2)
in La Manga

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